Top 10 most expensive player in IPL .

In IPL total 8 team participate and all the team has good players .All the team participate in auction and try to buy good players. Most of the player participate in IPL and want to play IPL also earn money from it. IPL has many sporsorship and IPL is the most richest cricket League in the world. We are going to discuss few most expensive player in IPL till date.

  1. Yuvraj singh (2015) – 16cr.
    Yuvraj singh was sold in the IPL auction at a high price of 16 Cr. by Delhi daredevils now the team is known as (Delhi capital). This is the highest price ever ever recorded in IPL auction. Yuvraj has huge fan following and he is known for his power hitting in the middle order. He is a great hitter in the middle order and he can single handedly win matches for his team he is one of the finest all-rounder India has ever found . Yuvraj was warded has man of the tournament in 2011 world cup. Yuvraj is the only man to hit six sixes in an over in t20 world cup he is also a good feilder. Yuvraj is very successful in Indian cricket but he is not very much success in indian premier League IPL . Yuvraj has not shown a great performance in IPL . Yuvraj has played for every team in IPL . Without permorming in IPL yuvraj has a great demand in IPL and every teams expectation is very high from yuvraj so few team were ready to pay high price for yuvraj . Yuvraj has been many times sold in IPL auction in much high price. In 2014 ROYAL CHALLENGER BANGLORE ( RCB) buyed yuvraj at 14cr. Also in last year Mumbai Indians buyed him at a high price. But this time yuvraj is not playing in IPL 2020 because BCCI is not allowing yuvraj to play the IPL has he is playing foreign league. But we all know yuvraj can make a strong comeback in IPL .
  2. Pat cummins (2019) 15.50cr
    Pat cummins is Australias one of the best fast bowling all rounder. He has been sold in the IPL auction at a very high price at rupees 15.50 Cr. Pat cummins is the best test bowler in the world now. He can do good batting in the middle order as well also he is a good feilder. Pat cummins is in his career best form , and he has lots of experience , and also it was expected that pat cummins will be sold in the auction at a high price. Pat cummins made his IPL debute long time back with Kolkata Knight riders then he stopped playing IPL and now again he is returning back to Kolkata team after long time. Pat cummins plays a very important role in Australia’s national team , Australia’s bollwing department depends on him
  3. Ben strokes (2017) 14.50 Cr.
    Ben strokes is a good fast bowling all rounder also currently the best all rounder in the world . Ben strokes playes for England and he is a hero of worldcup 2019. Ben strokes is a good power hitter and he bats in the middle order. Ben strokes plays all format off cricket like test , odi and t20 as well. In IPL he plays for RR ( Rajasthan Royals) and he plays a very important role in his team . Ben strokes has been sold in the IPL for rupees 14.50 Cr. But Ben strokes IPL carrier is not good enough he has not played to good in the IPL so far. Hope that he will play good IPL and can also win his team. In 2012 Ben strokes was sold at 12.50 Cr. So he has always been an expensive player in IPL.

4.Dinesh karthik(2014) 12.50 Cr
Dinesh is a good batsman as well as good wicket keeper. Dinesh was playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL till 2013 and also gave a good performance in the team . But in 2014 Delhi daredevils now the team is call Delhi capital has buyed Dinesh at a huge price at about 12.50 Cr. But Dinesh failed to perform in Delhi daredevils team so after few year they left Dinesh Karthik and now he is the captain of Kolkata Knight riders . And now he generally perform well as a captain . But Dinesh is not there in Indian team squad because of his low performance. Well all know that Dinesh is a very good players and he can return to team Indians squad

5. Tymal Mills (2017)
Tymal Mills has been brought by RCB( Royal Challenger Bangalore) at 12cr. In 2017. Tymal Mills is England’s fast bowler , he bowles at a good pace and bounce. In IPL he has not performed very well. Recently he in not in current form so he is not selected by his national team. Now mills is not playing IPL ,he has not been purchased by any team. We hope mills will return back in IPL harder.

6. Jaydev Unadkat(2018) 11.50 cr
Jaydev Unadkat is a good bowler he is consistently playing well in domestic cricket and has a low economy. He has also played in Indian cricket team ,in Asia cup he was not bowling good and his economy was also high ,after that he never returned back to Indian team. But he is a good bowler in domestic cricket. Jaydev Unadkat is been brought by Rajasthan Royals in year 2018 at a high price of rupees 11.50 Cr. Jaydev Unadkat performance is average in IPL . Jaydev Unadkat is a left arm fast bowler he bowles at a medium pace and has lots of variation. Although he is been a key player for Rajasthan Royals and this year also he is in Rajasthan teams. we hope jaydev returns to Indian team and play good cricket for team India.

7. Gautam Gambhir (2011) 11.04 Cr.
Gautam Gambhir has been brought by Kolkata Knight riders at a high price of 11cr. We all know Gautam Gambhir he was a very good batman as well as a responsible player. Gautam Gambhir was the captain of Kolkata Knight riders team under his captaincy Kolkata team won 2 times IPL title ,then suddenlly they left Gautam Gambhir from their team and then Gautam Gambhir joined Delhi capital team. Now Gambhir has left playing cricket and joined politics. We all know that Gambhir was the hero of the final match in worldcup 2011 against srilanka . Time to time Gambhir has always proven himself how good player he is.gambhir has retired from all forms of cricket. Also we hope best for his future. Although Gambhir was a very successfull IPL captain.

8. Kl Rahul (2011) 11cr.
Kl Rahul started his IPL carrie with royal challengers Bangalore and at that time kl Rahul was not performing well so RCB s team was very inconsistent and had not performed well in IPL. But in 2011 kings 11 Punjab buyed kl Rahul at a very high price of 11cr. Now a days Rahul is in great form and also scoring run in every condition. Kl Rahul can do wicket keeping so India is now not wasting a player in keeping they give opportunity to Rahul for keeping. Kl Rahul is a power hitting batsmen he do opening in t20 games like IPL and this time in IPL Rahul is the captain of kings 11 Punjab. Rahul plays all format off cricket and he also performed well in all format off cricket. He is a very fit player and also hard working player and now he is a key player for Indian team also he can add lots off depth in batting order in India team.

9 . Glenn Maxwell (2020) 10.75 Cr.
Glenn Maxwell is the Australian power hitter ,he is a right hand batsman and can hit the ball hard . He is one of the best hitter batsman in t20 cricket. Maxwell is also a part time spinner ,he is also a good bowler. Maxwell started his IPL career with Mumbai Indians and then he has been brought by many different team. In IPL 13 he is been brought by kings 11 Punjab at Avery high price of 10.75 Cr. Now adays Maxwell is playing BBL league and also his team is in the final. He can single handedly win matches for his team. He is always been an expensive buys in IPL auction because every teams want Maxwell like hitter in his team. Maxwell can adjust himself and play very good in Indian conditions go he always perform good against India and also in IPL.

10 . Chris Morris (2020) 10cr.
Chris Morris is a good bowler he has a good pace in his bowling . Chris Morris has played all forms of cricket but now a days he only plays t20 and odi cricket. Chris Morris is south Africa’s fast bowler he can do batting also although he is a good player. Chris Morris started his IPL career with Chennai super kings ,and now Royal Challenger Bangalore has buyed this player with a huge amount of rupees 10 crore. Although Chris Morris is a good players and hope he performs well in future and can win his team.

There are few players whose name is not there in top 10 but they have also got huge amount of money .The player are Rohit Sharma retained by Mumbai Indians at a price of 15crore . Virat Kohli retained by Royal Challenger Bangalore at a price of 17crore which is highest in IPL . Ms Dhoni retained by Chennai super kings at a bace price of 15 crore. David Warner retained by sunrisers Hydrabad at a base price of 12 crore. Stive smith retained by Rajasthan Royals at a base price of 14 crore.

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