IPL 2020 : Full schedule,time,date, fixture

The first match of the ipl season 13 will be played between the defending champion Mumbai Indians and Chennai super kings that match will be very interesting because in previous years IPL this two teams were in the final and playing against each other.
The captain of Mumbai Indians will be Rohit Sharma and the captain of Chennai super kings will be Ms Dhoni. All Dhoni fans is missing Dhoni from international cricket so they are very much excited to see Dhoni play
Dhonis fan also want Dhoni to play the t20 worldcup and also the India selection committee has also said that Dhoni will be selected for t20 worldcup by seeing the performance in IPL. We all know that how important is Dhoni in Indian team.
Also this year IPL is going to be very excited and also there will be double header match only on Sunday and that Sunday will be more interesting . All the 8 team are strong and will give a tough competition to each other. This year there is many young players who is going to play there first IPL like Jaiswal he was the hero of India under 19 this year worldcup. And also many other players too.
IPL makes a way to play for national team and also IPL is the most richest cricket League in the world .


Mar 29 (Sunday) – Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai
Super kings (mumbai) 8 pm

Mar 30 (Monday) – Delhi Capital Vs kings 11
Punjab (Delhi) 8pm

Mar 31(Tuesday) – Royal Challenger Bangalore
vs Kolkata Knight Rider
( Bangaluru) 8pm

April 1( Wednesday)- sunrisers Hydrabad Vs
Mumbai Indians
(Hyderabad) 8pm

April 2 (Thursday) – Chennai super kings Vs
Rajasthan Royals
(Chennai) 8pm

April 3 (Friday) – Kolkata Knight Rider Vs Delhi
Capital (Kolkata) 8pm

April 4 (Saturday) – Kings 11 Punjab Vs
Sunrise Hyderabad
(Mohali) 8pm

April 5(Sunday) – Mumbai Indians Vs Royal
Challenger Bangalore
(Mumbai) 4pm

  • Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi
    Capital. ( Jaipur) 8pm

April 6 (Monday) – Kolkata Knight riders Vs
Chennai super kings
(Kolkata) 8pm

April 7 (Tuesday) – Royals challenge Bangalore
Vs sunrisers Hydrabad
(Bangaluru) 8pm

April 8 (Wednesday) – kings 11 Punjab Vs
Mumbai Indians
(Mohali) 8pm

April 9 (Thursday) – Rajasthan Royals vs
Kolkata Knight riders
( Jaipur) 8pm.

April 10(Friday) – Delhi capital Vs Royal
Challenger Bangalore
(Delhi) 8pm

April 11(Saturday) – Chennai super kings Vs
Kings 11 Punjab
(Chennai) 8pm

April 12( Sunday) – sunrisers Hydrabad Vs
Rajasthan Royals
( Hydrabad) 4pm

  • kolkata knight rider vs mumbai indians ( mumbai)

April 13 (Monday) – Delhi capital Vs Chennai
Super kings (Delhi) 8pm

April 14 (Tuesday) – kings 11 Punjab Vs Royal
Challenger Bangalore
( Mohali) 8pm

April 15(Wednesday) – Mumbai Indians Vs
Rajasthan Royals
(Mumbai) 8pm

April 16(Thursday) – sunrisers Hydrabad Vs
Kolkata Knight Rider
(Hydrabad) 8pm

April 17(Friday) – kings 11 Punjab Vs Chennai
Super kings (Mohali) 8pm

April 18(Saturdays)- Royal Challenger
Bangalore Vs Rajasthan
Royal (bangaluru) 8pm

April 19( Sunday) – Delhi capital Vs Kolkata
Knight riders ( Delhi) 4pm

  • Chennai super kings vs sunrisers hyderabad (chennai) 8pm

April 20(Monday) – Mumbai Indians Vs kings
11 Punjab ( Mumbai) 8pm

April 21(Tuesday)- Rajasthan Royals vs sunrise
Hyderabad (Jaipur) 8pm

April 22(Wednesday)- Royal Challenger
Balglore Vs Delhi
Capital ( bangaluru)

April 23(Thursday)- Kolkata Knight riders Vs
Kings 11 Punjab
(Kolkata) 8pm

April 24(Friday) – Chennai super kings Vs
Mumbai Indians (Mumbai)

April 25( Saturday)- Rajasthan Royals vs
Royal challengers
Balglore ( Jaipur) 8pm

April 26(Sunday)- kings 11 Punjab Vs Kolkata
Knight Rider ( Mohali) 4pm

  • Sunrisers hyderabad vs delhi capital (hyderabad) 8pm

April 27(Monday)- Chennai super kings Vs
Royal challengers
Bangalore ( Chennai) 8pm

April 28(Tuesday)- Mumbai Indians Vs
Kolkata Knight riders
(Mumbai) 8pm

April 29(Wednesday)- Rajasthan Royals vs
Kings 11 Punjab
(Jaipur) 8pm

April 30(Thursday) – sunrisers Hydrabad Vs
Chennai super kings
( Hyderabad) 8pm

May 1(Friday) – Mumbai Indians Vs Delhi
Capital (Mumbai) 8pm

May 2 (Saturday)- Kolkata Knight riders Vs
Rajasthan Royals
(Kolkata) 8pm

May 3(Sunday)- Royal Challenger Bangalore
Vs kings 11 Punjab
(Bangaluru) 8pm

  • deihi capital vs sunriser hyderabad (delhi) 8pm

May 4(Monday)- Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai
Super kings ( Jaipur) 8pm

May 5(Tuesday)- sunrisers Hydrabad Vs
Royal challengers Bangalore
( Hydrabad) 8pm

May 6(Wednesday)- Delhi capital Vs Mumbai
Indian ( delhi) 8pm

May 7(Thursday)- Chennai super kings Vs
Kolkata Knight riders
( Chennai) 8pm

May 8( Friday) – kings 11 Punjab Vs Rajasthan
Royal (Mohali) 8pm

May 9(Saturday)- Mumbai Indians Vs sunrisers
Hydrabad ( Mumbai) 8pm

May 10(Sunday)- Chennai super kings Vs Delhi
Capital ( Chennai) 4pm

  • Kolkata knight rider vs royal chalanger bangalore (kolkata) 8pm

May 11(Monday)- Rajasthan Royals vs
Mumbai Indians ( Jaipur)

May 12(Tuesday)- sunrise Hyderabad Vs kings
11 Punjab ( Hyderabad)

May 13(Wednesday)- Delhi capital Vs
Rajasthan Royals ( Delhi)

May 14(Thursday)- royal challengers
Bangalore Vs Chennai
Super kings (bengaluru)

May 15(Friday)- Kolkata Knight riders Vs
Sunrisers Hydrabad ( Kolkata)

May 16(Saturday)- kings 11 Punjab Vs Delhi
Capital (mohali) 8pm

May 17( Sunday)- royal challengers Bangalore
Vs Mumbai Indians
(Bangaluru) 8pm

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