Rating of ipl team according to death bowling

In this we are going to rate the team according to their death bowling. The maximum rating is 10 so let’s see who has the highest rating out of 10. The rating can be different for different person , but for us what we felt we have predicted here. So let’s get started.

Sunrisers Hydrabad is a good bowling team their team most of the time depends on bowling rather than on batting. They have a good feilding and bowling team , they have a superstar bowler like Rashid khan, Bhubaneswar Kumar and Khaleel Ahmed and many other bowler too and also have good all rounder. According to their bowling line up they have very good bowler in their death bowling they can bowl very good in death overs, opponent team will find it difficult to score runs against this team especially in the death overs. We all know that how good is Bhubaneswar Kumar in bowling in death overs all batsman find it very difficult to score against this bowler, after all the captain of the team is kane Williamson who is very cool and intelligent and captain he knows whom to play where and whom to bowl where . According to us we gave this team 7 out of 10 because of their excellent death bowlers.

Rajasthan Royals is a overall a good team but their bowling department is not as good as other team ,and also another bad news for this team is that their main fast bowler Jofra Archer ruled out of IPL due to injury, so their bowling department becomes more weaker due to the absence of Jofra Archer. They also have some well known players like Ben strokes, Mayank Markhande, Oshane Thomas this are some well known players in the who have performed well in the past in this IPL. This team also have too many young player it will be interesting to see if this young players get a chance to play in this season and also how they perform . so according to us we gave this team 6 out of 10 due to less experience death bowlers. They does not have a good death bowlers so let’s see how they manages to give as much as less run in the death overs.

KINGS 11 PUNJAB (7.5/10)
Kings 11 Punjab has made a solid team everything is up to the mark , this team has very very good bowler one after another ,if in this team one bowlers get injury then another player is ready for them and who ever play in this team all plays good in this team . They have superstar bowler like Sheldon Cottrell, Ravi Bishnoi ( he is the India under 19 world cup hero) he is a very good spinner he has never played any IPL matches this year will be his first IPL . And also they have death overs specialist Mohamad Shami ,James Neshaam this team has many good death bowler they have good spinner also like Mujeeb Ur According to us we gave this team 7.5 out of 10 because of their player stock and also having good death bowlers as well.

Royal challengers Bangalore has made their bowling department strong then before. This team have manages to buy few players and very less bowler the team over all is good but the bowler are not experienced they have not played many international matches. Their are also few players who has lots of experience like dayle stayne , chahhal, Umesh Yadav and so onn. This team has the ability to perform well but they always fails to prove them , this team has less success rate because this team depend on 1-3 main player like Kohli and de Villers ,if this two fails to perform then the whole team cannot perform. This are some weak points of this team. This team mainly depends on their batting because bowling is not their strong point. According to us we gave this team 7out of 10 but then also this team doesn’t have a good death bowlers.

Mumbai Indians is the defending champion they won the previous year IPL season . Also total they have won 4 IPL titles. This team is considered to have the most strongest bowling attack in this year IPL. Mumbai Indians have jusprit bumrah, Malinga , trend bould, Nathan Coulternile, Mitchell McClenaghan ,aljesari Joseph this are their fast bowler ,they are the best white ball bowler in this era of cricket. Mumbai Indians team management is very good they always wanted to stick with the old player , they doesn’t leave their player much easily, they think as if all the players are agroup of one family. According to us we gave this team 9 out of 10 because of their death bowling attack . They have best to best bowler in their team. So looking at their team squad they looks like they are the best bowling team.

Its over all a great team this team is lead by ms Dhoni the captain cool. The management always select that type of player Which is suitable for the Chennais home ground because there they have to play maximum matches. The team management is very clever but although they give changes to everyone who is present in the squad. They have good bowler like bravo , Deepak Chahar, jedeja, lungi and also many spinner , Chennai super kings have many spinner bowler who are suitable for their home ground. If you look at the team this team has the most experienced players, this team has the most aged players. Because of that experience they win matches. According to us we gave this team 8.5 out of 10 because of their experience in death bowling and also have spinner to restrict the run in middle

This team is one of the most popular team in IPL the team has huge fan following the team captain is Dinesh Karthik he is also nice and cool captain, this time Kolkata has invested huge amount of money on their bowling department they have buyed the most expensive player of this year IPL , the name of the player is pat cummins he has been sold at a price of 15.50 Cr so we can say that Kolkata has invested huge amount of money on one player but although they have made a good bowling line up. According to us we have gave this team 7.8 out of 10 . But the bowler are not very much experienced so let see what the role the bowler play in wining matches for Kolkata.

Delhi capital is the most junior team we can say because the maximum number of players in this team is very new and young .But the team over all looks very much dangerous specially in bowling, their bowling department is very good they have good bowler in their team like Rabada, Chris woakes, Mohit Sharma ,Axar Patel and also few other good players. over all the team looks good and balanced, the captain of Delhi capital is Shreyas Iyer he is a young talented player ,he is also performing well in Indian team. Although we xepect this team will perform well in this season and can also win the IPL titles.
According to us we gave this team 8 out of 10 due to their good pace attack which is better than many other team ,and also they are good death bowlers as well.

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