Rating of IPL team according to their strong batting

Sunrisers Hydrabad is a good team but this teams batting is seem to be little weak and also the batsman strike rate is also less. So it will be difficult for them to chase big runs, this team does not have a good power hitter. Also this team is not having good Indian player or Indian power hitter. This team has David Warner, kane Williamson,and Jonny Baristow this three are power hitter but they all are foreigners . In a team there should be only 4 foreigners so if the three are batsman foreigners then their will be only one bowling foreigners, this are the problems this team will face in IPL ,hope the team management will discuss with the captain and also solve it. According to us we will give this team 7 out of 10 because of less power hitter and less debth in batting and also not having a good Indian regular player. But also this team has such player who can single handedly win matches for his team. Wishing a very good luck to this team .

KINGS 11 PUNJAB (7.5/10)
Kings 11 Punjab this team always have good players, they always manages to buy good players, but this team has never won a IPL title. The captain of this team is kl Rahul ,we all know good players is Rahul. This team has good hitter player this player can make quick run and also can chase down 200+ runs. This team has a good batsman but the batsman cannot single handedly win matches for his team, they can be made out easily , over all this team has all the thing strong they also have depth in their batting lineup. This team has very much unexperienced player the players are good but they cannot play under pressure situation and cannot win risky matches. According to us we will give this team 7.5 out of 10 because they have depth in batting also have higher strike rate batman who can make run very quickly.

Kolkata Knight riders team is that type of team whose team management pay attention to only one department that is either bowling or batting. So this time they have given attention to their bowling department,they have also left their batting superstar Chris Lynn. Although Lynn had played for kokata for many years and also have performed very well for his team and also it was seem that Lynn was the backbone of Kolkata batting line up , but unfortunately Lynn had to leave the team and has joined another team ,that we will discuss later. But they also had buyed Eoin Morgan and few other foreign players let’s see how this foreign players plays in India. According to us we gave this team 7.2 out of 10 because of their depth in batting and also their are few power hitter like Russell and Dinesh Karthik they can change the game totally and can single handedly win matches for his team.

Mumbai Indians is a very good team their team management always balanced their team equally they always have their batting and bowling strong ,they always have future planning because of that they are so much success team in IPL and also the most winning IPL team. The earlier we were discussing about Chris Lynn ,so we all saw in this year IPL auction that Lynn has been brought by Mumbai Indians which makes Mumbai Indians batting lineup more stronger the batting lineup of Mumbai Indians is such that even Rohit Sharma the captain is confused where to bat at , let’s see how the team management solve this problems, Actually Mumbai Indians has the most debth in their batting lineup which make this team more stronger, they also have power hitter like Hardik Pandya, Pollard, Rohit and many other. This team has everything ,the only thing they have to do is that to take right decisions at right times. According to us we gave this team 8.2 out of 10 because of their death in batting and having hitter batsman who can make runs very easily and realeases team pressure and can chase huge run successfully.

Chennai super kings is a good a team this team has also most aged players though this team has most old age players , this team also has most experienced players also this team batting is very very strong and especially in his home ground, they loose very less matches in their home ground, this team has huge fan following this team is very much popular in IPL . The captain of this team is ms Dhoni Mr cool , Dhoni is the main players of this team all the players depend on Dhoni. This team doesn’t have a hitter players but they somehow manages to score runs and also chase huge run. There are some senior player in the team who can take the responsibility of his team and single handedly win matches for his team. According to us we gave this team 8 out of 10 due to their experience player and also have debth in their batting lineup.

Delhi capital was not a very successfull team in the history of IPL ,but they have tried hard to make a good team and now they are almost a very successfull team they have many young talented player in their team ,and now they have a strong batting lineup which can give a tough competition to all the team in the IPL . The captain of the team is Shreyas Iyer who is very young and talented player he also playes for team India. Delhi capital has a great hitter batman and they can chase down huge runs and help his team win matches.
They also have experience player like Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane they have huge experience they can lead the team from back . So according to us we gave this team 7.8 out of 10 because they have depth in batting. They can give tough competition to all other team in IPL.

This team royal challengers Bangalore was once used to have the most dangerous and destructive batting lineup but then never won the IPL , the captain of this team is virat Kohli he is an agresive captain ,he is also one of the most important player in the team, this team has always given huge importance to their batting rather than on bowling . They have all power hitting batsman in their team but the team depends upon 2-3 players like virat Kohli, and de Villers, Aron Finch. Now the team doesn’t look more strong as it looks before. So according to us we gave this team 7.5 out of 10 because of 2-3 player who can single handedly win matches for his team. But other player are not experienced and also they cannot win matches for his team alone .

Rajasthan Royals is the first team to win the IPL title it was in 2008 the first season of IPL . After that this team never won the IPL trophy and now this team doesn’t perform well in IPL anymore. This year also this team is lacking in their batting lineup they doesn’t have a good batting lineup , but they have few experience player like Stive smith, robin Uthappa and few more but the batman doesn’t have a huge strike rate to chase down 200+ runs , they will surely struggle to chase huge runs . But the team captain is too good he has lots of experience he knows how to win matches for his team. According to us we gave this team 7 out of 10 because they doesn’t have hitter batman who can lower team pressure. But we have a huge expectations from this team, they can do better this time .

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